Kitesurf instructor

Me and kitesurfing, a love that blossomed on holiday, when I was looking for a way to change my life. In fact, in my previous life I was an insurer, obligated to the usual office routine, to the traffic in Rome, to the dissatisfactions of most of the people with whom I was relating, and so on.
For me, the kite has brought together many of the characteristics I was looking for at that time: a beautiful and adrenaline-filled sport to be practiced in full contact with nature, getting out of a way of life that didn’t suite me anymore and that did not reflect me, the possibility of being able to do it as a job in an acceptable amount of time.
And so, after many sacrifices I managed to get the qualification of kite instructor in France, where the international diploma is not accepted and where I had to follow a 11 months training to get the DEJEPS GAN, the State diploma that allows me to practice anywhere in the world.
Being an instructor means taking on many responsibilities, because you teach a sport in contact with nature. It is therefore a priority to understand and study the surrounding environment, and as far as possible to predict it. But to be an instructor you must also be very empathic, identify the students in front of you, their possible behaviors and reactions, and act accordingly.
It’s a job like any other, but it’s giving and has given me a lot.

Adventure lover

Since I was a child I’ve had the chance to see different places. And it’s a trip, the one to Australia in 2009, that made me see the world from a different perspective. Adventure must be the engine of life, here’s a summary of mine:
I crossed the stormy sea near Greece when I was 5 years old and flew over the Grand Canyon in a small aircraft when I was only 10;
I climbed first the Kilimanjaro and then the Huayna Potosì, tearing down the 6,000m wall. I slept in the cold of the Bolivian hotels, in an igloo made of salt in the Salar de Uyuni and on the edge of a mountain at more than 4.000m;
I traveled through Asia and South America on busted-up trains and buses, but living mystical experiences; and I crossed the Rio Beni, in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon with a handmade raft by myself and 5 other fellow adventurers;
I parachuted, bunjee jumped and went rafting down the steep slopes of a river, with waterfalls of about 7m, in New Zealand; I ventured into underground caves and ate insects in Asia;
I have admired the beauty, luxury and comfort of the major European cities; I have witnessed poverty, discomfort but at the same time the happiness and charm of the tradition of Indian cities; I have enjoyed the unspoilt spaces of Australia. But the adventure doesn’t end here!

Sports lover

I’ve lived through sport since I was born. I love practicing it as well as watching it.
Sport helps me to be healthier physically, to understand how to face and overcome difficulties. It has taught me what the spirit of sacrifice means, to train hard to reach a goal because you want it more than anything else in the world.
Sport provokes satisfaction and disappointment, it stimulates courage and fear, it is a source of victories and defeats, and every facet of it must be accepted as it comes.
I have practiced many sports in my life and I don’t want to stop doing it: from swimming to football, from tennis to fighting sports, from trekking to prakour, from kitesurfing to Stand Up Paddle. These are often very different sports, whether they are individual or team sports, in a gym or in the open air, but each of them has made me grow in its own way.
Living through sport makes me happy.

I write for online newspapers

Writing is a way of conveying a message, to put on paper what you have in your head. I find that researching and expressing one’s opinion on topics that are close to one’s heart, being able to help others in a certain way, is a positive experience.
In each of my articles I try to deepen topics of general interest, or only specific to certain disciplines that I practice or adventures that I have experienced. I hope that my thoughts will be the stimulus for reflection, without having the slightest pretension that they will always be shared.
I also write for online newspapers about the kite spots I’ve been in, reviewing them and identifying the possible pros and cons, so that each rider can choose the best destination according to their needs.
Right now I’ve been collaborating with one of the most important Italian kitesurfing online newspapers,

Photographer & Videomaker

Passion for photography, and later for videos, is another efficient way of spreading a message. To live a moment, to immortalize it, to relive it in the future differently, recalling the feelings felt.
The strength of these two arts is disruptive. They are becoming more and more the vehicles of the new digital communication, for the simple fact that they require less effort, physical and mental, to the “consumer” in viewing the content, contrary to the written text.
But the work behind the scenes is enormous, from the conception of the project/photo, to the realization of the shots, up to the editing. And shooting with a camera is not always easy: they are often bulky, they are a source of concern, they require great caution and in some cases it is ungrateful not to be able to really live the present moment… but seen from another perspective, they help you to perceive the world in a different angle, to catch and give importance to the little details, not to neglect anything of the scenes you live and the places you visit. Because that’s how you can really do satisfying work on a human level.

Ambassador for Saint Jacques wetsuit


La Saint Jacques is a new French brand that aims to bring new life to the world of water sports’ clothing, designing wetsuits and neoprene garments (and not only) differentiating from the mass. Quality, attention to details and respect for the environment are its strong points.

Ambassador for Vivida Lifestyle


Vivida Lifestyle more than a brand is a community that adheres to a lifestyle. A true lifestyle in full respect of nature. Vivida is increasingly launching itself into new projects and new models of clothing that, in addition to being eco-sustainable, are also beautiful and of high quality.

My footsteps in the world

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“Life is one and it is yours! It has been given to you to live it, shape it and play it as you wish, but remember to do not waste it because nobody will give it back to you!”

Simone Timpano